Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Female Power!! SGA president of Morgan State University! ShaquayaMcKenzie!!

How does it feel to be a female SGA President?

Being SGA President feels great. Being a female SGA President feels honorable. I was inspired by female SGA Presidents before me so I hope to inspire other leading ladies on my campus and in the local community. The mere opportunity to lead and represent as a young Black woman is truly a blessing.

Have you had any struggles being the first lady?

Before running for SGA President, I never considered challenges or hurdles that I may face specifically because of my gender and I maintain that issues I face are not directly related to my biological dichotomy, rather things that all leaders go through. Thankfully I have not had many struggles but slight challenges occurred with lack of communication.

What are some things you implemented as the SGA President?

As SGA President, I have implemented 4 new positions in the Executive Board of SGA (Transfer Student Representative, Non-Traditional Student Representative, International Student Representative, Historian), a new process for the Mr. and Miss Morgan State University competition, got Student discount cards that account for over 21 local businesses, and planned and held a Grant Competition proposal for smaller on-campus organizations. Currently, I am working with other student leaders to get a new Student Constitution passed and am planning a Small Black Business Flea Market for our Spring semester.

Is being in this position what you expected?

Taking the role of Student Government President at Morgan State, I expected to be held to a high standard by my peers to advocate for them to the utmost degree, I expected to learn and teach, I expected to listen just as much, if not more, as I spoke, I expected to face things that would make me question why I was a student, why I chose to go to a HBCU, why I decided to be a student leader, I expected a challenge and reward and I expected to gain experience that would propel me into my future. Being in this position is everything I expected and more.

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