Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Female Power!! SGA president of UMES!! Shana Washington!

How does it feel to be a female SGA President?

Being a woman SGA President is a great feeling. I have had the pleasure of networking and interacting with so many other HBCU SGA Presidents across the country and majority of them are Men. People usually assume right away that SGA President's are male, but as I've noticed the Woman are beginning to take over. In the state of Maryland, there are four HBCU's, Coppin State University, Morgan State University, Bowie State University and of course the illustrious University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The four SGA Presidents of these Universities are all females. It is an amazing feeling being Women in Leadership and having someone to share it with!

Have you had any struggles being the first lady?

I believe that all SGA President's have struggles during their term. Being the first lady can definitely be a little more challenging. The key is to learn to show leadership, determination and drive from the very beginning and things will run a lot smoother. I learned this lesson the hard way but I have been very triumphant throughout my term thus far.

What are some new things you implemented as the SGA president?

As SGA President, I've implemented many new activities and events whether they were social, informational, educational, or motivational. During the fall semester one of my main focuses was the Presidential Election. I implemented a committee under the leadership of KeShawn Taylor, called BEAWARE which stands for Black Elections Awareness. It was a way to get students informed and prepared to vote during the election season. Something I've also implemented was our "theme" for the year. Many students use the phrase "Turn Up" in a negative way. My administration along with myself came up with a positive acronym for the phrase Turn Up so that students would use it in a more positive light. At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the phrase T.U.R.N. U.P. is known as Tackling Understatements, Reversing Negatives, Unveiling Positives. My administration is referred to as Operation Hawk and although Fall Semester has come and gone we still have Spring semester to continue to TURN UP. Operation Hawk is still in full effect.

And is being in this position what you expected?

Honestly, being in this position is everything I imagined it to be. I knew it was going to be a challenge because not only are you balancing the position of Student Government Association President, but also academics, religion and a social life, in my case. It has helped to make me a well-rounded person. I believe that this position is only preparing me for something greater, and I am going to continue to grow in leadership, one day at a time.

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